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Autostory- our new product: Classic Car Histories

After years of working on the Archistory project creating architectural drawings combined with house histories, my friend, researcher and house historian Paul Murray is embarking on a new idea. Paul’s … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas all year round in Perry Vale

Ted Christmas’s development on Perry Vale was completed in 1903. Whilst researching the history of one of these houses we discovered that the first letters of the house names in … Continue reading

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House Portrait

Not every picture we create includes a house history. If you’re looking for a highly detailed architectural drawing of your house then just give us a call. This beautiful house … Continue reading

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Special Offer: Note paper headed your way!

For the months of August and September I’m offering personally designed note paper to every client placing an order for our architectural drawing and house history service. This means that … Continue reading

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Living Room?

Ever wondered how to fit 16 people from 6 different families into a 3 bedroom Victorian house? We have just finished researching a house in what is now affluent Notting … Continue reading

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The Camberwell Coincidence

We are asked to investigate house histories and draw properties all over the UK. We’ve travelled from Killyleagh in Northern Ireland down to Taunton in Devon, but it has to … Continue reading

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Before ‘Windows’ there must have been ‘Doors’

Whilst researching a house in Blackheath in London I discovered some interesting notation in the basement. These must have been calculations for the coal bill, scrawled onto the nearest thing … Continue reading

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New frame

I’ve got a new frame option to add to the collection. This one with a gold edge is a rather happy accident as it wasn’t the frame I ordered from … Continue reading

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An English Padlock

“Be to her virtues very kind; And to her indulgencies a little blind”.   As a child in the house where I grew up, I always longed for there to … Continue reading

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The Model Career?

It’s interesting to wonder just how you arrive at your job. How much is luck or destiny. Everyone has talents of one sort or another. Mine are luckily all aligned … Continue reading

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Going a little wild with the detail 

Sometimes when we visit a house there’s a little more to draw than the architecture. Owners have asked us to include details very personal to them, from plants growing up … Continue reading

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Time and Yule Tide wait for no man

I know what you’re thinking, September has only just hit us, please let’s not think about Christmas just yet! On the whole I would be the first to agree with … Continue reading

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The Round Robin

So much to say about this year that I was tempted to send out the old ‘round robin’ newsletter, but I’ve held back. Partly because I don’t want to bore … Continue reading

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